"B-sides & Other Missed Opportunities" Floppy Disk CD & Poster!!!

Hey hey everybody. It's finally here after waaaaay too many delays, I'm pleased to announce the "B-sides & Other Missed Opportunities" Floppy Disk CD.  The Jams are on a black bottomed CD with design and such on the silver top. It comes housed inside a vintage 5.25" floppy disk, with cover art on paper folder, and it also comes with a 2 sided fold out poster!  The CD also comes with 3 extra songs not on the digital download... and remember, these floppy disk CD's are a limited edition of 200, so buy one up before they're all gone!!!

Track list:
1. Berlin (12" Version)
2. Horsey Horse the 3rd
3. Speedboat to Homelesssness (live mash-up version)
4. Streetgang 3 (live vocal version)
5. Chemical Salvation (instrumental)
6. Year 2 (vox version by Sun Allergies)
7. Airwolfe Remix (by Hari Z.) * Floppy Disk Only!*
8. Space Eagle Dedication (by Moon Ranger)* Floppy Disk Only!*
9. Balkan Lowrider Tribute (by Moon Ranger)* Floppy Disk Only!*

Limited to 200 copies.... so buy one now!!!!