Space Eagle cassette tape re-issued- melting robot hearts all over

Well, since so many people this past year came to me crying sad tears of sorrow over the fact that the Space Eagle cassette tape was indeed sold out and no more, I too felt the pain, and those crystal tears touched my robot heart... and so I decided I would call the pressing plant robots and get 50 more "re-issued" Space Eagle cassette tapes. Yes, that's right, if you missed out because you were hibernating all last year or something of that sort, now you too have a chance at getting one of these much coveted Space Eagle [the motion picture soundtrack] albums on it's pure analog cassette tape form. The new tapes come with either a black or white backing (that's all the pressing plant robots had), but to make up for it, the cassette got a fancy new make over of tinted purple all over with gold lettering that says something about laser beams and such. Also, there is a new upgraded Space Eagle poster with extra laser beams that you will receive (probably with something sloppily scribbled on it by Brandon) and of course you get the download card.... that also turns into a sticker the size of a CD (which makes no sense for this project), but hey.... you get a lot of neat stuff- even being so far from christmas kids!!! But be warned... there are literally only 50 (I'm not lying) and after that, my robots refuse to make anymore- so get this shizzle while it's fresh out of the oven.
Buy one HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....oh yeah, Airwolfe and Airwolfe in Miami are still cassette boombox playable only, so don't ask.

"Look at all this stuff you get!!!!! OMG!

Hurry and get this crap now!!!

....well stop staring and go buy one eh!