Futurecoder the VHS Movie!!!

Finally the super awesomely radical movie about lasers and high tops and crap is now available on limited edition colored VHS tapes... (and a dvd too but who cares about that) plus a rad picture foldout. I'm not gonna brag or anything but this is totally the best movie ever made, seriously. Not sure about this being the best movie in the world??? well you can preview it here on youtube, but just pretend it looks even more analog OK?
youtube video part 1
youtube video part 2

Only 50 made omg!!!  buy one now!!!

Still not convinced??? Well you may be brain damaged... or you may just need to read the following super convincing and totally true quotes that others have said about this movie:

“This movie is a movie about a movie that totally wins the Acadamey
Award for Best Movie Ever!” - www.radmoviesarerad.com
 “Watch it! It totally won’t even ruin your life!!!!” - www.moviesruinlives.com
 “If you don’t think this is the best movie ever, I will personally fight you!” - www.toughassmoviedude.com
 “It’s like a magical mirical” - NY Timcicles
“After watching this movie I cried myself to sleep all hard” - Connor Macleod
“It’s like eating clouds and every bite has a taste of blueberry in every bite” - www.fightthewarondrugsbysmokingdrugs.drugs
“Wow, Albuquerque must be insanely boring! - www.insightfulwebsite.com
”Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten in my life” - www.badadvicecream.com

so go buy one before this is only a dream!!!