Suicide Prevention Hotline (Microcassette Tape Release)

A brand new musical EP from Alaska in Winter recorded on 20 very limited edition microcassette tapes- Listen to the unanswered cries of "Suicide Prevention Hotline"  on your answering machine phone! 


Or on this hand held analogue divice...

Or if you're an ebay master, then bump it on a micro cassette boombox like this one!

Or just get one cause they're rad and only 20 hand made! Plus you get a message in a bottle from Brandon

Side A:
01. Forever Twenty-One Gun Salute (micro version)
02. Demons
03. Dancing With Death (mirco version)
Side B:
04. Divine Miscalculations 
05. Downward Spiral Dial Tone (micro version)

buy it!!!